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  • Film Package Gel TH-Series
    Perfect for maintaining freshness.
  • Reiki Mamoru
    maintain cool temperature when blackout in fridge.
  • Hot&Cool Container Boxes
    Maintain hot and cool temperature of your product
  • Cool and Hot Pack Gel Cares
    Use for cool down after intense exercise.

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Why do you use gel ?

      The reason behind the fact that Cool Elements lasts longer than regular ice, is when regular ice melts, the melted water naturally circulates around the ice and accelerates the melting of the remaining ice.

      When you try to melt the ice in your glass, you shake the glass to stir the ice and water, don t you? The same function occurs naturally by the circulation. On the other hand, Cool Elements is a gel, which does not cause circulation in the bag. For that reason, cold insulator takes longer to melt completely.

Perfect for maintaining freshness.

Used in variety of places - food shops, pharmacies and transports.

We provide various sizes depending on your needs. Low cost,
     recycle able-Most economical for your operations.

All hygienic products.

The incineration does not release any toxic substances.

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